Barberitos vegetable oil fuels oil powered cars

April 25, 2007

Augusta, GA – Barberitos, an all natural, fresh burrito company has found a new use for their used cooking oil. Teaming up with local Augusta physician, Bob Kogel, Barberitos locations in Augusta and Evan have been reusing their vegetable oil as fuel for Kogel’s family cars.

Kogel, also known as “The Grease Guy,” converted his 1991 VW Jetta to run on vegetable oil and needed a source of fuel. He approached several local restaurants but settled on Barberitos because of the quality of the oil.

Barberitos in Augusta and Evans help a local emergency room physician, Bob Kogel, also know as “The Grease Guy” fuel his 1991 and 2003 VW Jettas with their used vegetable oil. Kogel, a Barberitos regular, wanted to convert his family cars to run solely on vegetable oil as the fuel source.

He got the idea of converting his diesel engines to run on vegetable oil from a friend who moved to France. Conversions were being done successfully in France and he wanted a side project to work on the weekends. “My wife drives 130 miles round trip each day to work and we have family who live in the North so I thought this would be a great project if it actually worked.

After he successfully converted his car, he visited several local restaurants and found that the Barberitos oil was really the best. “I really like using Barberitos oil. I have to run it through a filter before I put it in the cars but because Barberitos oil is so clean even after it is used, it is much easier to filter,” said Kogel.

“It really helps us as well,” said Bob Moak. “We don’t have to deal with discarding our used oil. We just set it aside and the Grease Guy picks it up once a week.”

Barberitos has been supplying Kogel with used vegetable oil for a year and Kogel says that running his family cars on this system has saved his family between $1500 and $2000 over the past year in gas expenses.

Barberitos is a major player in fast, casual Tex-mex cuisine. Commitment to serving only fresh, natural foods that are made in-house daily has helped established Barberitos. There are Barberitos locations in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee. To learn more, visit the web site at